how to lighten dark black neck

Home Remedies to Lighten dark/ black neck easily

Have you ever observed your neck color? it is not as bright as your face, true? As we take care of our face, we don’t take care of our neck. Due to this we may have different neck and face skin color. It’s a fact and I think you all are agree with me on this. It is necessary for you to clean your neck along with your face regularly in order to get rid of dark/ black neck. No doubt a beautiful neck adds to your over all beauty and you look beautiful and attractive. So, I am going to share with you some of the best natural remedies to lighten dark/ black neck easily at home. Read also 6 effective home remedies to get rid of dark circles at home.

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Apple cider vinegar for dark neck

Apple cider vinegar is a natural exfoliator. It removes dead skin cells and maintain skin PH balance. It is a good natural skin cleanser and tonner. All that I can say it is the best neck whitening treatment you can do at home for a dark and dull neck. Read also Beauty Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar You Never Knew

How to do

  • Take 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a small bowl
  • Add 4 -5 tsp of filtered water with this
  • Mix it well and apply on your neck
  • Do some gentle massage for 5 min
  • Leave it for 15 min
  • Now wash with normal water
  • Don’t forget miniaturization of neck
  • Do it 3 times in a week for a good result

Tomato for dark/ black neck

tomato for dark or black neck

Tomatoes have great bleaching properties and it can be used as a natural skin lightening and brightening agent. It not only makes your neck skin lighter but it is also an effective solution for uneven skin tone on your neck. Read also 7 Best Aloe Vera Face Mask For Beautiful Skin.

How to make

  • Take 2 tsp of tomatoe juice
  • Add 1 tsp of curd
  • Add I tsp of oatmeal (Daliya)
  • Mix it well and make a paste
  • Apply it on your neck and rub for 5 min
  • Leave it for 10 min
  • Now wash your neck with worm water

Besan or gram flour for dark/ black neck

Gram flour or Besan has been used as a skin cleanser for centuries. Now you can use it for neck whitening too.

How to make

  • Take 2 tsp of gram flour
  • Add 1 tsp of lemon juice
  • Mix it well and apply it on your neck
  • Do some gentle massage for 10 min
  • Leave it to dry
  • Now wash with luke worm water

Sugar for dark/ black neck

sugar scrub  for dark black neck

Yes you can use simple sugar also to clean your neck. Sugar works as a natural scrub and its result is very good for dark neck.

How to do

  • First apply some worm water on your neck
  • Rub your neck with water
  • Now take some sugar and place it on your neck
  • Start rubbing and continue for 10 min
  • Now wash your neck with water
  • Do it daily for faster results

Baking soda for dark/ black neck

baking soda for dark black neck

Baking soda makes you skin fairer. Being a mild exfoliator, it works well for dark and dull neck. It is a great remedy for pimples and acne too. Read also How To Use Baking Soda For Maximum Beauty Benefits.

How to do

  • Take 2 tsp of baking soda in a bowl
  • Add some water to make a paste
  • Mix well and apply it on neck
  • Do some gentle massage
  • Leave it for 10-15  min
  • Now wash with worm water

Hope you like these simple and easy steps to get rid of dark/ black and dull neck. If you have any query or suggestion please write in the comment box. Check my YouTube channel Beautiful You also for more beauty tips and beautiful Mehndi designs. Thank you..