Daily Routine to Lose Weight Permanently in One Week

Daily Routine to Lose Weight Permanently in One Week

Your weight mainly depends on your physical activity and your diet. Unhealthy eating habits and less physical activities lead to weight gain. When we think of lose weight we tend to control our diet or increase our physical activities. Most of you would have tried dieting and joined Gym but results are not as per your expectations. So what is the reason why don’t you lose weight? I think all want this answer. Now what I am going to tell you, might answer your problem and it will be easy for you to lose weight when you know this. So here is the best Daily Routine to Lose Weight Permanently in One Week. Read also 9 Ways to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting.

I don’t insist that you do dieting or increase your physical activities. I want you to just check your timing of eating and exercise. This is a single most important factor to lose weight. You must know the importance of timing. So let’s know this daily routine for eating or exercise to lose weight and you must include these tips to your Daily Routine to Lose Weight Fast.

1. Breakfast timing (Must follow a daily routine to lose weight)

Get up early in the morning and drink 1-2 glass of warm water. You can also use honey with warm water and lemon. Take your breakfast within 30 min you woke up. Your brake fast must include high protein diet as it reduces your hunger hormone and you feel full all day. It also reduces your unhealthy eating habits. Eat some snakes like apple and carrot at around 11:00 am. Read also How to lose belly fat fast.

2. Lunch timing

Now have your brake fast between 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. You can take 3-4 Rooti, some vegetable salad and 1 cup of curd. Don’t eat rice, sweets or any type of chips. At 4:00 pm take 1 cup of green tea. It increases your body metabolism and also helps in food digestion.

3. Exercise timing

At 5:30 do some light exercise like walking. Walking a mile (1.6 km) burns 100 calories. So you must include walking in your daily routine in order to lose weight permanently. Read also Why Keeping Drinking Water in Plastic Bottles is harmful.

4. Dinner timing

Dinner timing is the most important factor in losing weight. To lose weight you must have your dinner before 7:00 pm. There should be a gap of 3 hours between bedtime and dinner. Always stick to one golden rule that the quantity of dinner must be lesser to the quantity of lunch. Avoid late-night snaking as it is one of the major factors of weight gain.

5. Have a sound sleep

You must have sound sleep to lose weight. It has been proved in so many scientific studies lack of sleep elevates your hunger hormone and you tend to eat more.

6. Don’t eat sweeteners

Try to avoid sweets as they are simple carbohydrates. Your body consumes lesser energy to digest these carbohydrates and you get instant energy. You don’t consume this extra energy it turns into fat and you gain weight.

This is the best daily routine to lose weight fast. I think, when you talk about losing weight, you must think about timing also as this is such factor on which we don’t pay serious attention.

Hope you like this article, if you know more tips or tricks to lose weight, please share them with me. You can write your query or suggestion in the comment box, you are most welcome.


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