Is Maggi Good for Weight Loss, Calories & Nutrition Values?

Is Maggi Good for Weight Loss, Calories & Nutrition Values?

Maggi is good for weight loss or not! it’s a question? But it is a favorite food for most people. Earlier Maggi had only one regular option but now there are types of it available such as oats and atta Maggi. So, let’s find out whether Maggi could help in weight loss or not.

Nutritive Value Of Maggi

Amount Per ServingCalories from fat
Calories384 calories
Protein9.9 grams
Total fat15 grams
Saturated fat6.7 grams
Trans fat0 grams
Polyunsaturated fats1.8 grams
Monounsaturated fats5 grams
Dietary fiber3.1 grams

Calories In One Maggi Pack

Maggi can be a greatly enjoyable experience while slurping hot noodles. One serving of a Maggi pack gives you about 200 calories with 17 grams of proteins and 97 calories from carbs. If a person has a round figure of consuming 2000 calories in a day then consuming Maggi would meet about 10% of daily calorie intake.

  • 1 packet (73 gm) of Maggi calories is 313 calories
  • 1 packet (73 gm) of atta Maggi calories is 285 calories
  • 1 serving Maggi calories is 205

Is Maggi Healthy To Eat Everyday?

Many people consume Maggi as they find it as their comfort food. It’s readily available and takes just 5 to 7 minutes to get prepared. It’s mostly taken as a snack or even as late night snack to curb hunger cravings. But have you ever wondered if is it healthy food that you are consuming? Maggi has just the calories as any other foodstuff and doesn’t contain any healthy nutrients in it.

Maggi noodles lack dietary fiber nor have any healthy vitamins and nutrients in them. Maggi noodles have more chemicals than flour. The aim of adding chemicals is to enhance the shelf life of the product and also enhance the taste.

As it’s easy to find and takes hardly a few minutes to get prepared, do not make it a habit to consume daily or on a weekly purpose. It’s safe enough to consume only 1 to 2 times in a month. Overconsumption can lead to health problems. Read also 8 High Fats Food: Which Keeps You Fit & Healthy

Is Maggi Good For Weight Loss?

Weight loss can be achieved by practicing eating healthy foodstuffs. Foods that are loaded with fiber and protein help in achieving desired goals. The added vitamins and minerals help to maintain the energy levels of the body.

Talking about Maggi good for weight loss, the above-mentioned nutritive information clearly shows that Maggi lacks fiber and proteins which are the two most important nutrients required for weight loss. also, Maggi has more calories in one serving with no added vitamins in it. this clearly indicates that Maggi is not an ideal source for weight loss.

In a nutshell, yes, Maggi is not good for weight loss. In a study, it was found that protein can increase the feeling of fullness and decreases hunger, making it ideal for weight loss. Fiber also decreases the sense of fullness since it moves slowly through the digestive system. Maggi won’t even help a person to feel full for long so, not recommended while being on a weight loss diet.

Are there any harmful effects of Maggi, While Taking On Weight Loss

Several studies have been conducted on Maggi that show that it has harmful effects on health. Consuming Maggi gives you just empty calories which are of no use for health. It’s a good option to consume it just once a month.

The masala of Maggi contains many artificial colorants and flavoring chemicals In order to enhance the taste and shelf life of the product. As Maggi is a processed food, making it refined strips of all the natural nutrients that leave it as unhealthy stuff. As Maggi does not contain any of the nutrients so one ends up consuming more and more of it while consuming meals. Read also ARE SOYA CHUNKS GOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS

What Does Maggi Masala Contain

Maggi masala contains MSG in it which is monosodium glutamate. MSG is regarded as terrible for health.  It contains trans fats in it which is the worst kind of stuff that anyone can fill themselves. Instead of trans fats, consuming ghee and butter can be beneficial for health.

One pack of masala gives you about 1633 mg of sodium in it. So, blood pressure readers please avoid consuming Maggi in your diet. The masala instantly helps to spike blood sugar levels. Thereby, it’s good to avoid it in one’s diet.

Side Effects of Maggi

Studies state that Maggi has detrimental effects on health. It’s made of refined flour which our digestive system finds hard to digest. It’s bad for health as it contains a lot of starch in it. On long-term consumption, many people are found to experience some of the side effects. Let’s see what.

1. Malnutrition

Maggi contains lead in it which has too harmful effects on the body. lead in the body hinders the absorption of nutrients body. The effects experienced by consuming Maggi are not on an immediate basis. Gradual effects are seen on the body which seriously affects the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Maggi becomes irresistible to taste because of the presence of MSG in it. It’s very hard to resist once we start eating Maggi. The added monosodium glutamate in it enhances Maggi’s flavor and taste which satisfies the taste buds of the person. On consuming Maggi, cells die in our body due to which a person won’t feel hungry for long.

2. Obesity

The main cause of obesity is due to consumption of unhealthy foodstuffs such as refined flour. As Maggi contains refined flour in it which becomes the lead cause of obesity. obesity invites other health conditions also such as blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart disease. People even experience bloating on consuming Maggi because it contains gluten in it. With this, fat accumulates around body organs which causes obesity over a period of time. Read also REDUCE BELLY FAT: GET A SLIM, FLAT & TONED STOMACH IN JUST 21 DAYS

3. Blood Pressure

Maggi contains high sodium content in it which makes it spike blood pressure levels. Many people crave Maggi due to its high salt content. Maggi is harmful to health especially when children consume them. Many people have no idea even how much Maggi can be harmful to their health. Maggi has even negative effects on the metabolism and immune system of a person as well.

4. Cancer

Instant noodles contain such ingredients which serve as a preservative for the product. Consuming it over a period of time weakens organs over the period of time. Consuming noodles over a period of time that too on a regular basis increase risk of cancers and tumors. Incomparable to fresh noodles, processed noodles take time to digest. This is because processed noodles’ texture is maintained due to propylene.

Instant noodles are everyone’s choice as it’s so satisfying for taste buds.  Maggie has an even effect on the metabolism of the person as it’s quite harmful to body organs.

Is Oats Maggi Good For Weight Loss

The name oats Maggi have gained a lot of popularity as it contained the ingredient oats in it. Thinking it contained oats in it, this Maggi was on the weight loss top list. But if you at nutritive information, it shows that Maggi oats have more calories in them. A 100-gram sit serves about 400 calories which are too high to be taken in a weight loss meal.

It even contains sugar, starch, and guar gum in it which acts as a thickening agent. Those who have gluten allergy too should not take this in their diet.

Role in Weight loss

If you are thinking to take oats Maggi in your breakfast, then this could be the worst possible option that you could choose. Instead of it, you can have parathas or a sandwich which is way more healthy than Oats Maggi.

Even if you are thinking to include oats Maggi in your cheat meal then please avoid it as the masala in it is not at all healthy for health. Ditch this, Oats Maggi, and have pizza or pasta instead of this.

Is Atta Maggi Good For Weight Loss

Atta Maggi is not regarded as a healthy option to consume. It’s not a good option for weight loss as it’s a processed food item that gives a lot of empty calories and is rich in sodium also. Empty calories are those which do not have any nutrient content in them.

Instead of refined flour, atta Maggi is made of whole wheat but still, it cannot go into weight loss practice. On cheat days, it can be recommended once a month.

Finally, it can be said easily that Maggi is not a healthy option to try for weight loss. Daily consumption of Maggi can lead to serious health problems.