Hands Raised Pose or Urdhava Hastaasana, Benefits and How to Do

Hands Raised Pose or Urdhava Hastaasana Benefits

Urdhava Hastaasana name has been derived from three different words of Sanskrit language urdhava, hasta, asana. Urdhava meant for up direction, hasta, meant for hands and asana meant for a position. So, Urdhava Hastaasana combinely called hands raised pose in English.

Urdhava Hastaasana literally translates to Hands Raised Pose, but it’s also sometimes called Talasana which means the posture like a Palm Tree. Urdhava Hastaasana is a Yoga asana which can be done in a standing position and also one key posture in Sury Namaskar or Sun Salutation sequence. It is a body revitalizing and refreshing posture that provides us with a complete range of physical and mental benefits.

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Urdhava Hastaasana is actually a position in which a body can be lifted high. Urdhava Hastaasana can be usually done in the early hours of the morning or after regular hours of sitting to boost the body’s energy. It can be physiotherapeutic for those suffering from fatigue and tiredness.

It is the initial pose of Surya Namaskar when the body can be raised high to show gratitude and honour to that energy which we get from the sun. Urdhava Hastaasana is a segment of Surya Namaskar sequence, this asana is performed outside, facing in the direction of the rising sun.

In spiritual concern, this yoga asana stimulates the throat. The throat is associated with self-expression and conduction of messages. This asana can also be used to tune up the body into the way that its energy raises from the naval centre and passes through the back of the body.

While performing Urdhava Hastaasana, it is important to find a sense of release of energy. This can be achieved by keeping the hands away from the ears and by preparing them for poses where the arms can hold the body weight. Urdhava Hastaasana is a position which can effectively balance the energy of the body. Practising Urdhava Hastaasana prepares us to create a melody among the highest reach to the spinal cord and both the hands.

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How to do Urdhava Hastaasana

  • Face the East direction in the early hours of morning time and stand straight by putting the feet together side by side.
  • Exert pressure on the soles of the feet in the direction of the floor.
  • Place your hands by mingling or locking the fingers of one hand into the other.
  • Keeping your fingers intermingled or locked uplift both the hands above the head level.
  • Also extend your hands to the maximum extent, keeping in view that they should be parallel to each other and facing each other.
  • With your arms raised upward, continue to push your feet towards the floor.
  • Keep your head in a neutral position, looking straight ahead.
  • While inhaling Oxygen, raise your arms alongside your ears.
  • While exhaling Carbon Dioxide, push your feet towards the ground.
  • Keep your chin straight and in an upward direction.
  • Hold this position for 20 seconds.
  • Stay in the same posture with your fingers crossed to each other.
  • After 20 sec brings your arms toward your chest.
  • Pause here for one or two breathe before opening up your arms and releasing your fingers from the lock.
  • Now come back to a normal posture, stand straight and take a deep breath.

Benefits of Urdhava Hastaasana or Hand Raised Yoga Pose

1. Clears Up Congestion

The stretch of the spinal bone promotes proper growth and clears up congestion of the spinal nerves at all the points at which they bulge out in the spinal cord.

2. Improves Digestion

Urdhava Hastaasana stretches the abdominal muscles and hence tones these muscles improving digestion. It stimulates the peristaltic movement of the stomach which helps in the proper digestion of food. By compressing the digestive tract during stretching, it improves digestion and better bowel movement.

3. Enhance Breathing Functions

The chest is expanded up to the maximum level in the posture of Urdhava Hastaasana thus providing room and passage for proper breathing through the diaphragm. This, in turn, cures asthma, dense breathing and blockage in the lungs due to clogging. It also gives relief from the congestion and blockage occurs due to the common cold and viral infections.

4. Stimulates Nervous System

Urdhava Hastaasana helps to give control over muscular movement and stimulates the entire nervous system of the body. It also activates and charged the neurons for transferring the messages through the entire nervous system thus elevates our bodily mechanism.

5. Improves Body Posture

Urdhava Hastaasana elongates each and every vertebral column of the spinal cord which makes you look taller. It also does the alignment of body posture thus, enhancing the body figure. Continuous practice of Urdhava Hastaasana increases the height up to a little extent. This yoga posture is very effective for growing aged children.

6. Lubricate Joints

This yoga posture allows a full body stretch which in turn lubricates all the joints in a better and healthier way. It enhances the flexibility of joints hence, improving the movement of body parts.

7. Improves Blood Circulation

Urdhava Hastaasana improves blood flow throughout the body which further leads to healthy skin, better muscle growth, increased vitality and energy. It enhances the blood flow which in turns provides maximum blood supply in all internal and external parts of our body and in organs.

8. Relieves Back Pain

Urdhava Hastaasana is a permanent and effective cure to back pain. This yoga posture is a curable remedy for those who work in regular sitting position for long hours. In fact, it works a lot, it can be practised once or twice after long sitting duration.

9. Boost Mental Awareness

Urdhava Hastaasana promotes and boosts mental condition. It increases and enhances the memory power by activating the nerves running through the brain.

10. Promotes Weight Loss

Urdhava Hastaasana is an easy and successful yoga asana for those who are fighting with excess body weight. While posing for Urdhava Hastaasana blood circulation and digestion improves which is a necessary and first requirement for weight, loss.

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