Importance Of Breakfast & How it Helps in Weight loss

Importance Of Breakfast & How it Helps in Weight loss

The first meal of the day is Breakfast. Breakfast plays an important role in carrying energy for the entire day. Breakfast helps in weight loss. It’s very important to fuel your body in the morning to get carried for the entire day. Even if you prefer not to eat in the morning then also try to have something instead of starvation.

“One of the biggest mistakes attempted by many people is not to eat anything in the morning”. Breakfast helps in weight loss if you make a habit of consuming it every day. A balanced breakfast with a good intake of nutrients is a must to start off the day.

Consuming the wrong foods at breakfast can make all your efforts ruin. So, what meal should be considered? According to research, breakfast rich in proteins increase satiety hormones more than breakfast with the same number of calories and fat.

What Should Be Eaten at Breakfast FOr WEIGHTLOSS?

Breakfast helps in weight loss if the meal is rich in proteins and healthy fats such as grits, a piece of fruit, an egg, plain yogurt along flaxseeds. Try avoiding breakfast that’s high in carbohydrates.

Most attention should be paid to portion control. No matter how healthy the food is such as salmon, avocado, or fresh coconut- it’s always important to manage in portion. Overdoing portion size could ruin breakfast results. Breakfast helps in weight loss if calorie deficit is maintained for the entire day. Otherwise, it’s impossible to lose weight.

How Much Should You Eat at Breakfast If you’re trying To Lose Weight?

It helps in weight loss if the meal contains at least 25 grams of protein in it. This way you could feel full for the rest of the day until lunchtime. If your meal is comprised of carbohydrates, then you may fill up in short term, but with missing fat and protein. This way you could end up eating more for rest of the day.

Everybody’s individual needs are different. An ideal breakfast should give you around 400 to 500 calories. This way you avoid unnecessary snacking for the rest of the day.

Best Proteins to Have for Breakfast FOR WEIGHTLOSS

1. Eggs:

Eggs are rich in proteins. They can be utilized in a number of ways for breakfast. They are inexpensive sources of proteins that will leave you satiated for a good amount of time.

2. Plant Based Yoghurt:

Plant-based yogurts are less processed than dairy-based yogurts. Siggi’s is one plant-based yogurt that can add creaminess to smoothie or granola bars.

3. Organic Chicken Sausages:

If you are a meat lover and cannot resist eating it then go for lean meat preferably. Organic chicken sausages are lean sources that are low in fat and sodium. They are a better option than pork which is high in fat. You can pair sausages along with fruits to add fullness to the meal.

4. Nut Butter:

Nut butter is greatly satisfying to add a healthy dose of good fat and protein into the diet. Peanut butter and almond butter are good sources. You can even try pecan butter which is a good plant-based option. It can be even mixed with smoothies or yogurt.

5. Seitan:

This is a great option for vegans. Seitan is a meat alternative that acts like chewy sausages from texture to egg or scrambles. It can be found easily at supermarkets.

What Are the Best Drinks to Have at Breakfast For Weight Loss?

1. Black Coffee:

Caffeine is greatly known for boosting metabolism and helps in weight loss. It can even help you to stay awake. Being rich in caffeine black coffee aids in satiety and even helps to avoid fat and sugar in it.

2. Black Tea:

If you are not a fan of black coffee, then go for black tea which is even a great alternative.

3. Matcha Tea:

Matcha tea is great as it contains powerful antioxidants in it. It helps to fight against cell damage. It can be added to smoothies or can be even enjoyed as the tea itself.

4. Green tea:

Green tea even helps in boosting down caffeine. It’s also packed with antioxidants same as matcha. You can enjoy it at the base of a meal to comfort yourself.

Since you are trying to lose weight, it’s not mandatory to go for add-on drinks in the morning. Mostly prefer low-fat milk or even plant-based milk. Avoid adding too many high-fat creamers to your diet.

According to American Heart Association, the maximum amount of sugar to be consumed by women is 25 grams. So, avoid adding any excess of it to the diet.

Easy Breakfast recipes for weight loss:

1. Egg, Tomato and Scallion Sandwich:

If you are looking for something filling to try for then this will go great. This sandwich is not only healthy but takes just minutes to get going. It’s high In protein and carbs which keep you full for long.

2. Breakfast Pizza:

Pizza always comes under the junk food category. But you can make it healthy by preparing it with healthy and filling ingredients such as wheat flour, Greek yogurt, and all the healthy toppings. Greek yogurt is a great source of fiber, protein, and calcium whereas whole wheat gives you fiber.

3. Baked Oatmeal:

Craving for something sweet? Then this is absolutely good to go for. It is made with baked oats, pecans, and shredded coconut. Oats help to improve digestion and they are a great source of soluble fiber. Pecans are a good source of proteins and antioxidants. While coconut Is a good source of healthy fat.

4. Granola Mix:

When granola is prepared at home it’s much more satisfying and has tons of useful ingredients without the burden of extra sugar. store-bought ones are loaded with sugars. Add up a variety of nuts, seeds, maple syrup, and dates into it.

5. Butternut Squash Protein Pancakes:

It’s a great option for breakfast. Butternut squash is loaded with nutrients such as vitamin A, C, and magnesium. You can add up protein powder into a recipe to make it even more healthy.

6. Shakshuka:

This recipe is typically prepared with a combination of eggs and tomatoes. You can customize this recipe by including some feta cheese, chopped parsley, and crushed pepper into it. It’s rich in protein and fiber.

7. Vegan Tacos:

For this recipe instead of using fried tacos go for baked ones. Vegan tacos are usually bland in taste. Try adding healthy ingredients such as chickpeas, cilantro, smoked chicken, cherry tomatoes, and avocado.

8. Crispy hash browns:

These are even great filling for breakfast. They can be easily prepared with a dash of oil into them. You can pair up with protein-based pancakes or even sunny-side-up eggs to even make it more filling. It’s absolutely tasty and can even go with any sort of side dish.

9. Muesli:

This recipe is great when you either run out of time or are in a lazy mood. Simply take muesli in a bowl and add up almond milk. Different fruit toppings can even be added to make it more filling. It’s a great source of fiber and protein.

10. Cheesy Zucchini Potato Fritters:

Fritters are an all-time favorite for everyone. When paired up with cheese it just goes WOW. To make it more filling add up grated zucchini into it which is a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber. In even aids in better digestion and promotes healthy gut bacteria.

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Why breakfast is an important conclusion?

Breakfast is important for overall wellbeing and maintaining healthier body weight. Eating breakfast will help you to stay active and helps to avoid eating unnecessary stuff throughout the day.

What kind of breakfast is good for losing weight?

Breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats is ideal for weight loss. Eggs, smoothies, fresh fruit juices, coffee, bananas, berries are good to go for.