Exercise Combo To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat at Home

Exercise Combo To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat at Home

Belly fat not only spoils our complete personality but it also makes us vulnerable to other diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart-related diseases and cardiovascular diseases like strokes. This is a trendy question nowadays on the internet that how to reduce stubborn belly fat. There so many ways you can control but here I will tell you an effective exercise combo which can give you surprising results in just 30 days.

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How to Reduce stubborn belly fat

Generally, if you have more fat around your belly, it is said obesity. Man having waistline more than 40 inches and women more than 38 inches, they can be said obese. So just check your self.

Although it is not easy to get rid of stubborn belly fat. By continuous effort, with a focused target, we can achieve it. Although there are so many exercises and dieting tips to control belly fat. I am going to tell you a simple but very effective exercise combo of exercises to reduce your belly size.

1. Running

It is a very effective exercise which not only helps you to weight loss but it also helps you in reducing belly fat naturally. Only 15 minutes running can do wonders and your belly size can be reduced. This is one of the most effective exercises which keeps you healthy and fit.

When you run you don’t only lose weight but it also strengthens bones and muscles. It is very helpful in improving moods, improving sleep quality and makes the brain sharper.

2. Planking

It is an effective fat burning exercise. It works on your entire core and helps you burn fat around your stomach and waistline. It works on your core muscles, strengthens your abdominal areas, improves your body flexibility and very effective in improving your body posture.

Exercise combo to reduce stubborn belly fat

Before starting this exercise you need to run for 15 minutes. It makes your body warm and ready for fat burning. Now be in the planking pose for 30 seconds and rest. Do 4 – 5 sets of planking exercise after running. Doing it daily will help you to get rid of belly fat and it gives you an attractive well-shaped posture.

Before you start doing this exercise combo, I suggest that you should cut your sugar and oil level.

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