Soya Chunks Good for Weight Loss

Are Soya Chunks Good for Weight Loss

Soya chunks are plant-based foods and are perfect for vegans. They resemble meatballs and and also known vegan meatballs also. Soya chunks are good for weight loss as they are an ideal source of protein (52 gm per serving), rich in fiber, carbs, iron and calcium . Protein is the king macronutrient that helps in weight loss as it helps in reducing hunger hormone. Soya chunks can be used in easy recipes in order to achieve faster weight loss results.

Nutritional value of soya chunks per 100 grams

Calories345 k
Proteins52 grams
Fats0.50 grams
Carbohydrates33 grams
Fiber13 grams
Iron20 mg

Macronutrient information

Calories in soya chunks

Calorie deficit is the key to weight loss and soya chunks are low in calories and very filling. 30 grams of soya chunks upon consumption gives about 100 calories. Soya chunks calories per 100 gm is 345. If we cook 50 gm soya chunks without oil it contains almost 86 calories. If we soaked 1 cup soya chunks it contains approx. 156 calories.

Soya Chunks Proteins

30 grams of soya chunks provide about 15 grams of protein which is rich while trying a vegan source of protein. The proteins in soya chunks are of high quality so that a complete nutritional profile can be achieved. It also has a complete amino acid profile which means all the essential 9 amino acids are covered. 50 gam soya chunks has 21 gm of protein.100 gm of cooked or boiled soya chunks contains approx. 52.4 gm of protein if cooked without any oil.

Fats in Soya Chunks

The fat content in soya chunks is negligible enough. 30 grams of soya chunks gives 0.15 gm of fat. 100 gm contains approx. 0.5 grams of fats which is the least negligible. The less fat content of soya chunks makes them ideal for weight loss. Know also Reduce belly Fat: Get a Slim, Flat & Toned Stomach in Just 21 Days

Soya Chunks Fiber

3.9 grams of fiber can be obtained from 30 grams of soya chunks. Fibre also has a major role in weight loss as it helps in increasing satiety hormone which helps in reducing your hunger hormone. The fiber value is fair enough in soya chunks but still in order to enhance its value fiber-rich meals should be paired. Also Know Oats Protein Per 100 grams, Nutritional Value, And Healthy Recipes

soya chunks are made up of

Soya chunks are made of soy flour which has been defatted. The oil has been removed from it. As oil is removed from soya flour it obtains a rough texture. They are dry enough. As soon as soya chunks are immersed in hot water they obtain a soft and spongy texture. These vegan meat bells have the same nutritional profile as nonvegetarians. They are quite versatile enough and can be used in many ways.

Soya chunks side effects

Anything in excess could be dangerous. When too much of soya products are consumed in the diet there is an increase in estrogen and uric acid levels in the body. With this, many health problems can be faced such as water retention, acne marks, weight gain, bloating issues along with mood swings.

When uric acid is increased in the body, there are chances of liver damage and causes joint pain. The ideal moderation key is to consume 25 to 30 grams of soya chunks in the diet.

Benefits of soya chunks for weight loss

There are numerous health benefits that soya chunks provide to the body. They greatly help in faster muscle building and also boosts metabolism. Apart from that, weight loss is another important benefit of soya chunk. Soya chunks being rich in protein has a good effect on skin, hair, and bones.

As its a fact Weight loss can be achieved with calorie control and also by removing excess fat from organs. So soya chunks are effective weight loss food. It also has so many health benefits like, A study was conducted in 2015 in Journal Molecules in which it was found that soya chunks effectively help to lower bad cholesterol in the body. It also protects the heart from diseases.

The study has discovered that soya chunks help to stop the accumulation of excess fat around the body’s organs. This promotes weight loss. Soya chunks also contain good amounts of fiber which helps to pass stools easily. This helps to feel us full for longer periods of time.

The major added benefit of soya chunks in the diet for weight loss as they promote the feeling of fullness. The urge to eat frequently is greatly reduced. As soya chunks contain plant-based proteins they have weight-reducing and body fat-reducing properties. The human body spends more energy digesting soya chunks than carbs. This in turn greatly helps with a fat burning which promotes weight loss.

Advantages of adding soya chunks to diet

There are many advantages that make them ideal to be added to the diet.

1. Work as a great meat substitute:

Since soya chunks hold a great protein value they are ideal enough to be included in the diet to meet the protein requirement. Those who suffer from protein deficiency can add in order to over going through it. Recommended amounts of intake should be taken on a daily basis.100 grams of soya chunks upon addition in diet gives about 52 grams of proteins which is quite high. Read also Morning Walk Benefits For Health and Fitness

2. Great for heart health

They are made of proteins, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids which are great for heart health. Soya chunks are labeled as heart-healthy as they help to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

3. Weight loss benefit

One of the added benefits of soya chunks is they help in weight loss. The fiber and proteins in it help us to keep us full for long which reduces consistent hunger pangs. Right intake of it helps with faster weight loss results. Read also Weight Loss Patches and If They Works?

4. Ease with menopausal symptoms

The isoflavones in soya chunks help to reduce the hot flashes of menopausal symptoms by about 11%. Other such symptoms are night sweats, mood swings, sweats, and sleep troubles. Therefore, menopausal symptoms can be corrected.

5. Promotes good digestion:

Soya chunks has helpful Digestive benefits, can be aided by both genders that’s men and women. Having soya chunks regularly improves gut health as the level of bifidobacterial shoots up in the digestive tract. Hence very good food for digestion

6. Blood sugar levels can be managed:

Diabetic people should include soya chunks in the diet as they are full of bioactive compounds. Protein and fiber in soya chunks greatly manage their blood sugar levels. The glucose level in the body also can be greatly improved. Soya chunks also helps to prevent diabetes as they helps to increase insulin receptors in the body.

7. Maintains hormonal balance in women

Hormonal balance is very important for females to stay fit. When soya chunks are included in diet thy leads to better regulation of hormones. This can be corrected due to the phytoestrogen compounds which corrects hormonal imbalances. Apart from hormonal imbalances even PCOS can also be corrected.

8. Prevents anaemia

Iron is needed for hemoglobin production in the body. Anemia is a deficiency caused by low iron levels in the body. Soya chunks are rich in iron which ultimately helps to produce healthy hemoglobin levels which helps to prevent anemia.

9. Soya chunks helps to improve bone and teeth health

Calcium is a major macronutrient which is responsible for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. 100 grams of soya chunks provide about 350 mg of calcium which is quite high. So adding up soya chunks in the diet also helps to provide significant calcium levels which prevents osteoporosis in the latter part of life.

What’s the best time to eat soya chunks?

Soya chunks are regarded as a wonder food that helps to cut down bad cholesterol in the body, says studies. Soya chunks promote better heart health. A Soya chunk meal is best to consider after working out. The isoflavones in soya chunks help to lower fats in organs which support the weight loss process. Soya chunk’s calories are much lesser than protein values.

Side effects of soya chunks

As soya chunks have advantages it has certain disadvantages that are caused upon eating them in excess amounts. Few of them are

1. Kidney failure

Soya chunks can lead to kidney failure is they are taken in excess amounts. This is due to the presence of phytoestrogens which they contains in them.

2. Stomach issues

Few people are sensitive to what they eat. Digestion could be a problem for them. When excess of them are taken in diet they causes the problems of constipation, flatulence and bloating issues. Therefore eating them in moderation is the best key.

3. Kidney stones

Food stuffs which are rich in proteins have a chance of developing kidney stones in the body. Same way, soya chunks are rich in uric acid. When high uric acid gets deposited in the kidneys it leads to the formation of kidney stones within them. Therefore eating them in moderation is good enough.

Can Men consume Soya chunks?

Soya chunks when taken in correct proportions can be consumed by men also. They are beneficial even. Soya chunks have Phyto oestrogens in them which are natural plant compounds. They have similar function to that of oestrogen hormone. However, when large quantities of soya chunks are taken in diet they can cause hormonal disturbances. The recommended serving only should be taken in a day.

How soya chunks promote hair growth?

Soya chunks has many vitamins and minerals in it such as folic acid, B vitamins, potassium, iron, zinc. All these vitamins and minerals are needed to promote healthy growth of hair and to boosts hair shine. more over, the low sodium content of soya chunks also aids in hair growth

Soya chunk weight loss recipes

1. Air fried soya chunk and pomegranate chaat

This chaat recipe is great to be enjoyed while as an evening snack. It’s so filling as it has the goodness of soya chunks, pomegranate, and Greek yogurt into it. it has the goodness of calcium, protein, and vitamins into it.

How to prepare air-fried soya chunk salad

  • Take 25 to 30 grams of soya chunks in a bowl and wash them thoroughly.
  • Keep water boiling. When boils enough add soya chunks in order to make them soft.
  • Now strain off and marinate soya chunks with Greek yogurt with a  tablespoon. Along with it add up other required spices.
  • Now add it onto the air fryer tray and spray some oil onto it.
  • Air fryer for 10 minutes until they become crispy enough.
  • Now take air-fried soya chunks ad some Greek yogurt onto it.
  • Then add in pomegranate along with jaggery and tamarind sweet sauce.
  • Sprinkle chaat masala along with chopped onions and enjoy.

2. Soya chunks and chana dal balls

These balls can serve as a great side dish for major meals. It’s a great protein-rich recipe as it has the goodness of two protein sources in it. it’s great for weight loss and helps to keep full for a long.

How to prepare soya chunks and chana dal balls

  • Take soya chunks that are soft enough after soaking them in hot water.
  • Now squeeze out excess water and run out into a food processor.
  • Meanwhile, during the night soak about one handful of chana dal.
  • Now add the soaked chana dal into the soya chunks mixture.
  • Also add in some coriander, and mint leaves with chopped green chilies.
  • Add in some onions too along with basic spices of choice.
  • Blend everything well and shape them into the required balls.
  • Spray some oil and microwave it for 15 minutes.
  • Serve hot.